Did anyone else see the paralells between Loki and Nebula in MCU?
I mean:

  • Douchebag dad club
  • 2nd Favourite child award
  • blue
  • Does the thing to try to impress Dad
  • teams up with another baddy to get what they want
  • other baddy is also blue (da ba dee da ba da)
  • sibling fight
  • falling dramatically from a height

I mean, really.


  • MCU Odin wasn’t a Douchbag, he was just tired of Loki constantly acting like an ass despite everything he’d given him and done for him
  • I didn’t get the second favorite child vibe, I got the I let you live because you still have use child vibe
  • Wow she’s blue, and he’s blue, and ronan was also blue, and so was that random guard that stole Peter’s walkman. :/
  • She did the thing so Thanos wouldn’t kill her, Loki did the thing because for some ridiculous reason he thought genocide would make everyone happy. -__-
  • In this instance what she wants is Thanos dead because of what he did to her, where as Loki teamed up with Thanos because he wanted to take over Midgard. How is that even remotely the same thing???
  • If this is supposed to be referencing Laufey and Loki’s brief team up where he then killed Laufey then I am just even more confused because it still doesn’t make sense because Nebula wasn’t interested at all in killing Ronan
  • Siblings fight, it’s a thing that happens everyday and often in movies. It’s really not that big of a deal. 
  • -__- oh you mean she decided she was done with that shit and timed her fall perfectly so she’d land on a Ravager ship and nope the fuck outta dodge? Yeah it wasn’t that dramatic, it was just her being smart where as Loki was just being a drama queen as per usual. 


Loki wasn’t tortured tho? 

Loki was working with Thanos not for Thanos.

They clearly had a deal like Thanos did with Ronan.

Loki actually brought everything bad that happened to him on himself because he’s a pissy baby that couldn’t accept the fact that he wasn’t the first born. 

Nebula was kidnapped.

Nebula was actually abused by her adoptive father figure.

Nebula actually didn’t have a choice in all the bad things that happened to her. 

I honestly don’t see her relating with Loki at all

If anything she has more in common with Bucky in that they weren’t given a choice, they were forced to become killers and now they have the chance to break free of that mold. 

But really we shouldn’t be equating Nebula to other male characters because she’s interesting enough without having to have a male’s name attached to hers. 

I really don’t understand all this “Loki was tortured by Thanos” stuff that keep cropping up every other week. I didn’t get it when it first started circulating after the movie, and I REALLY don’t get it now after GOTG. 

Clearly Loki and Ronan both had the same type of deal with Thanos, and Ronan at no point in time gave any indication that he had ever been tortured by Thanos. My friend said it best, Thanos is a loan shark. He does a favor for you, and you give him an infinity gem. 

The whole thing with Loki being all sickly and pale when he first shows up in the Avengers is likely because he was just forced through a freaking space portal that probably wasn’t as kind to its travelers as the bifrost. Sorry but the ~tortured loki~ theories just make even less sense now that GOTG has been released.